Defining the word, “Fractal?”

Science and Their “Definitions”

Most scientifically minded folks object when a person like me uses a word like “fractal.” Not surprisingly, as someone with Asperger’s, I define this word a bit differently than most. Please know that it took me more than a decade to find a satisfying way to define this word. Only recently, after finishing my latest book, did I begin to feel confident I’d succeeded.

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On Becoming Yoda

One glance at my picture and you know how I spend my life. My wrinkles have wrinkles; everyday, I’m getting more. My point? According to the skin horse in the Velveteen Rabbit, when you’re real, you don’t mind such things. According to me, the more curious I become, the less I mind.

Do you mind getting older? Wrinkled? Gray? According to constellated science, all coins have two sides. Applied to becoming Yoda, I guess this means there must be both a bad and a good side to getting old. And this seems true. But I wonder why we mostly only see the bad side?