What is the most annoying thing about smart people?

One of the more valuable scientific measures to know is the one which measures whether a mind is open or closed. And while this measure in its full form is quite complex, its basic expression is actually quite simple. And useful.

It all comes down to a single, tipping-point based question. Do you feel curious or do you feel certain? Curiosity is the test for an open mind. Certainty is the test for a closed mind.

Since there is always more to things than we can know at any given time, people who are certain are not smart, regardless of IQ. They’re closed-minded. Or to put it in dictionary terms, they’re arrogant. Whereas people who are smart are perpetually curious. Think Einstein. Think Descartes. Think Neils Bohr.

My point? Smart people are NOT annoying. They’re wonderful. Whereas pseudo-smart people, such as educated people who sport closed minds, are incredibly annoying.

(I originally answered this question on Quora.com)