Can Eating With Your Hands Make You Lose Weight?

Recently, someone wrote and asked:

Good morning Steven!
In the last few days, I've been listening to a CD about Ayurveda lifestyle and nutrition. A couple of things they suggested I've already tried; primarily not eating after 6 o'clock, although I've eaten as late as 7:30, eating a big lunch so that what you have for dinner is light and minimal, and doing some exercise. One minute, five minutes, 20 minutes . . . before breakfast.

There are many other things, but those three I've already been doing. But I recently added one new suggestion and have eaten like a horse. Yet already, I've lost about 4 pounds. My question is whether this loss can in part be coming this new suggestion; the idea that you should eat with your hands.

As for what I observed, as I began, I felt curious (open minded). I also noticed that if I eat with a spoon, I'm put food in my mouth more quickly and I'm noticeably less conscious of what's on the spoon. Whereas if I use my fingers to pick up the cereal, or yesterday the eggs, it slows me down and I feel more aware of the food in my mouth. More important, it isn't a conscious decision to eat more slowly. It's just an awareness. So if the food is in my hand, it doesn't go into my mouth until there is nothing in my mouth! 

Another thin I realized is that if you cook a hot omelette and use your fingers to pick it up, you'll never burn your mouth, as your fingers computer temperature that the fork can't convey.

Your Thoughts?

I have never thought of this. Obviously, the act of eating with your hands raises your body consciousness without effort.

BTW, to me, awareness is strictly mental; mostly mental words. Whereas consciousness is strictly visual; mostly holistic immersion. So the fact that you experienced no words is one sign pointing to that you are conscious, not unconscious.

As for the timing of when you eat, as you know, my new book talks a lot about what makes weight change. In it, I mention a fractal pattern which constellates the timing of when you eat to gaining or losing weight. I suggest that the point at which your body decides whether to tip your weight up or down coincides with the body’s T-Min (temperature minimum), the point in each 24 hour period in which your body temperature is at its lowest (usually about 3 AM). Thus  the closer you eat to T-Min (the tipping point), the more you bias the “coin toss” towards gaining weight.

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