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The Center for Emergence

I love trees. Can you tell? My door is the one on the right. It faces South. I'm told that position is right for me, according to Feng Shui.

For anyone wishing to contact me, the address and phone number is on the first slide, the one framed in white. If you think I might help, please do not hesitate to write or call.

The Center for Emergence
55 Old Nyack Tpke Suite 608
Nanuet, NY 10954

On Wanting to Be an Architect

Many years ago, during the ten years I formally sat meditation, one day as I was climbing up from the cliffs, I heard a voice. And while I cannot say whether this voice was merely my intuition or something grander, what it said to me was, "go over there."

Confused but curious, I walked in that direction and after crossing a small road, I stopped and looked. In front of me was what appeared to be a large briar patch, filled with buzzing bees. I can still smell the sweet summer dryness I knew so well from my youth. And I can picture the thousands of blossoms and literally hundreds of bees, at work.

At this point, I was lost. Was this just my mind making it all up? But then the voice spoke once more, just as briefly as the first time. What I heard then I've never forgotten. The voice said, "what do you see?" At which point, I calmed myself and stood still. And just as I became transfixed by what I was seeing, I heard the voice say one last thing.

"Work in beauty."

At age twelve, I decided I wanted to be an architect. This lasted only until I was told I'd be thirty before I could sit for my licensing exam. Thirty to a twelve year old is an impossibly long ways away. And within a few years, that dream was replaced by one of becoming a famous singer.

The point of all this is simple. After many years, I still love walking into my office. Perhaps, if you stand still and look for a bit, you'll see why. My love of designing spaces combined with what my teachers; the bees, taught me so many years ago.

"Work in beauty."